I’ve been using Flickr Uploadr ever since I got my Flickr account. However, it hasn’t been improved in a long time.

When I usually upload, I have to change the title and descriptions for the whole lot of photos within the Flickr website.

Enter jUploadr. [via Tom Raftery] In addition to the Flickr Uploadr’s features, you can also:

  • Edit photos individually or as a group
  • Edit all Flickr photo metadata, not just privacy and tags

And all of this is before uploading! (Exclamation is for slight excitedness.)

The downside is that jUploadr is a bit intimidating to setup.

Download and install Java, then go into System Properties (right-click “My Computer”, then Properties) > Advanced (tab) > Environment Variables. According to the instructions, do you enter the new variable for the user or the system? (System works just fine.) From there, find the folder where you installed JRE and copy the file path to the variable value.

After you enter that setting, just run jUploadr.bat. You’ll need to authorize Flickr before uploading any photos. Personally, the program seemed to freeze for 30 seconds before opening the Flickr page for authorization. But after that, it ran smoothly.

Oh yeah, an annoyance you might share when running jUploadr is that the Command Prompt window (for those using Windows) has to stay open. When you exit the program, then it’ll disappear.

For asthetics, I made a shortcut to the jUploadr.bat file and pointed its icon to the one provided in the folder. (Look for the ICO file.)


  • Intermediate experience required to run program
  • Flickr authorization freezes for a bit
  • Command prompt window stays open while jUploadr is open

Overall, after it was setup, it seemed good to me. It didn’t crash on me when I was uploading a few photos last night. It doesn’t edit your registry, and you can always undo that environment variable setting. If you’re a frequent Flickr uploader, you should give this a shot.

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Bryan Villarin

Bryan works at Automattic. He's also a cat whisperer. Sometimes…a photographer, and card magician.

4 thoughts on “jUploadr”

  1. Command prompt?


    What are these strange terms you are using?

    None of these things happened to me on my Mac 😉

    I’m using JUploadr and the Flock uploader now exclusively to upload my images – they are both great.

    Thanks for the link



  2. Grr, I’m definitely going to save up for a MacBook [Pro?] next. 🙂

    Thank you for writing about jUploadr – none of the other feeds I’m subscribed to wrote about it. 🙂


  3. You’ll be pleased to know that the next version of jUploadr will not require you to update any system variables.

    I’m still working on the command prompt problem…



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