Linksys WRT54GL and DD-WRT v23

Today, I was finally able to buy a new wireless router. The DD-WRT wiki recommended the Buffalo WHR-G54S as the cheapest and best price/performance 100% compatible wireless router. However, since Mwave only keeps the major brands in stock at will call, I went with the Linksys WRT54GL.

I could’ve went the safe route and kept the default Linksys firmware, but I didn’t. I felt compelled to use DD-WRT, which is free firmware for several brands and models of wireless routers. If my router will run better with it for free, why not? There’s the possibility that I could’ve turned it into a brick, but I think the chances of breaking it were slim since I had one of the supported devices.

Fortunately, everything went successfully and my new router is running DD-WRT. Dynamic DNS now works again, since my D-Link DI-614+ wasn’t supporting it anymore. (I use Remote Desktop occassionally.) OpenDNS servers are set on my router as well. So many features, so much power! (Not like I’ll use them all.)


  • I have the WRT54GL v1.1.
  • I flashed the firmware just fine within Firefox.
  • To find the UTC/GMT time setting, use For Los Angeles, California, we’re on UTC -08:00/first Sun Apr – last Sun Oct.
  • Print the DD-WRT wiki pages to PDF, rather than keeping the instructions open in a bunch of browser tabs. (Try PDFCreator – it’s open-source software!)
  • I use Dynamic DNS (with DynDNS) so I can just point Remote Desktop to a subdomain with Since my DSL service (AT&T Yahoo) is on a Dynamic IP, if that ever changes, I don’t need to check it.
  • I’ll use Hamachi with Remote Desktop if I’m at a Wi-Fi hotspot. If I’m at home, I just use Remote Desktop to connect directly to my main PC without going through Hamachi.

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