Rant and gripes about AT&T

I try to stay positive, but it’s times like these when I don’t have an internet connection that I get ticked off.

I got home last night and found out that our landline and DSL connection were down. No dialtone, no connection – nothing. So, I called technical support to see if there were any network status updates. (There weren’t any.)

The phone call was redirected overseas to “Nick”. (Great.)

In the course of the “conversation”, I believe I said that I had no dialtone about five times. He informed me that there’s line issues outside and they would send a technician. I was assigned a trouble ticket and that I would get a phone call between 8am and 5pm tomorrow [on my cell phone].

Today came around, and no phone call. Around 4:15pm, I called to follow up. Since it was on existing ticket, I spoke to someone locally. In California. (Yay.) When I said, “no dialtone”, the CSR told me that I need to speak to 611. (I can’t call 611 from a Verizon Wireless phone for AT&T support.) Anyway, I got transferred. After about 2-3 minutes of being put on hold for line testing, I was told that the earliest I could get a technician visit was August 3rd. On top of that, they prefer I be home between the hours of 8am and 4pm in case they need to get inside.

So, I’m without a landline or DSL connection at home for two days. Then, when they do come, I need to excuse myself from work and wait for them, without pay or compensation? Lame.

I’ll be callling AT&T again when I get home from work to make sure I’m not hearing things. I hate lack of consistency, you know, when one person promises one thing then the next person I talk to contradicts that.

Do I have a right to be upset at AT&T, in regards to the turnaround time and the lame customer service reps overseas?

I’ll try to turn this into something positive. I’ll probably go to Bill’s house when I need to get onto the internet. However, I’m sure the downtime is good for me so I can clear out my inbox and make sure I’m on top of things. (Refer to 43Folders “Back to GTD”)

Note: I didn’t reread or edit this post. I’m too ticked, and I just wanted to get this out there.

Update 7pm: Earlier this morning, I called to find the status of the repair. Apparently, a lot of people were affected. At the latest, it would be repaired by 9am on August 9th. What!?! Luckily, I just home and saw that the “Ready” light on my DSL modem was lit and not blinking. I checked my phone and there was a dialtone. I load Firefox, and boom – there’s my blog! Yes!

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