Immature admins on Counter-Strike

I think I got banned from a lot of Counter-Strike servers earlier today. Why?

I was itching for some fy_iceworld2 (a map with no real purpose except to kill each other). I found one with a small number of players, but ended up going 1-on-1 with some other guy. I killed him 4 times in a row. Not sure what the rules were, but that was it. I didn’t get any error message, Counter-Strike just “ended” on me. No warning, and he didn’t chat with me.

To be honest, I’m not even that good. I guess I picked the wrong guy to kill 4 times in a row. He probably was an admin. (They should do background checks on those guys.)

I’m in good standing on the VAC server. I asked for help at Steam-powered Support.

Ridiculous. It’s amazing that so many people continue to play Counter-Strike, compared to all the other Steam games available.

Thoughts? Do you agree? Am I a geeky dork for wanting to play this game again? Lemme hear ya!

Update: I got a reply 16 hours later and was directed to an FAQ article titled “Admin Slowhacking.” That did the trick. Thanks JeffH!

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One thought on “Immature admins on Counter-Strike”

  1. Yeah some servers…suck especially on “fun servers” with the custom maps the admins are typically between 10-17 and sound like lil girls


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