LG VX8100 extended battery

I’ve had my LG VX8100 since October 10th, 2005. Between then and today, my lifetime calls timer is at 111:45:31. My Lifetime KB amount is 63,495 KB.

Today, I decided that I need a new battery. I needed to charge it every night. If I talk for an hour during the course of the day, with sporadic texting, it won’t make it before I get home.

After a lot of reading at HowardForums, and a helpful customer service rep at Verizon Wireless 611, I have an extended battery and a confidence in battery charging habits.

I took a trip to the Verizon Wireless corporate store Pasadena around 11am this morning. I told them about the severe decrease in battery life, and I’ve only had my phone for eight months. They basically agreed that I needed a new battery, but I’d have to buy it. At least they’d prorate it at 25% off. (I’m still not sure what “prorate” means.) I was hoping that they would replace it for free, since some of the people in the forums were stating that they got hooked up.

I also asked tech support in the store about the best battery charging methods. I was told to let it run down before charging, as opposed to charging it every night.

When I got home, I called 611 to find out if the above held true (for charging the battery). Truthfully, the CSR told me the opposite. She has a Samsung SCH-A970 and she charges her phone every night. Her three daughters all have LG VX8100s. They use theirs a lot, and got the extended battery because the standard one died too quickly. In addition, the battery doesn’t get overcharged – she insisted that charging stops once its full. She suggested I do the same.

Since the extended battery was about $8 more, I went back to the Verizon store to exchange for the better one.

Back at the forums, this huge thread on battery conditioning brought about this post referencing Battery University.

How to prolong lithium-based batteries

My current thoughts on the extended battery:

It’s not too much thicker. I have high hopes for it since it’s a 1700mAh battery, whereas the standard battery is 1000mAh.

I sent a couple TXT messages while it’s still charging, and it definitely feels more comfortable typing on the keypad. (As comfortable as it can get typing on a small keypad, of course.)

I’m not sure if there’s a more exhaustive review, but forum member “fillthemup” wrote a brief one and included five photos.

Any questions?

Update: After a full charge, 54 minutes of talk time, 2 days, 17 hours standtime, 47 TXT messages, 4 PIX messages, and a handful of songs listened to at full blast, my battery was only at two bars. Nice.

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2 thoughts on “LG VX8100 extended battery”

  1. You *shouldn’t* have to worry about over charging the battery because the phone should be smart enough to stop charging (and is)… I’m just not too sure how well it does at what it’s supposed to do.


  2. That’s what I figured, otherwise a 8 hour charge would blow it up or something. My friend, Andy, has over 140 hours of talk time, and he got the same phone a month or so after me. His battery is fairing better than the one I had. I guess that’s life? 🙂


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