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Empty inbox, 1 Starbucks card

I know a friend that has a bunch of Starbucks cards, and it’s near impossible for him to keep track. I can imagine him with a stack of cards, and not knowing what the balance is on each. He’d then proceed to ask the barista to check each card for him. Kind of annoying, don’t you think?

This evening, I was cleaning out my inbox and stumbled across a Starbucks card. I flipped it over, and read the small print.

Reload your Card or check your balance at […]

I didn’t know this until today, did you? If I ever get multiple Starbucks gift cards, no longer will I take them all to the store and badger the person at the counter to check the balance.

Let’s take this further. You should probably use a sticky (Post-It™) once you find out your balance. I cut a 3″ x 3″ Post-It™ in half, then stick it on the card. Write the balance, then cross out and change after each use.

What about you? Any tips for those of us who have a Starbucks card, but don’t really use it?

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6 thoughts on “Starbucks card website”

  1. One of the interesting aspects of registering your Starbucks card is that the possibility exists they will throw some extra cash on it (got me $5 last month and a letter in the mail to boot).

    Too bad it doesn’t let you register “every” card you have…


  2. Wow, you never noticed that? hmmm….I always turn my plastics over to see whats on the back. =)

    Yeah, I think you should go online or call to check the balances on the cards. Besides, why do you need to check all the balances of your cards at one visit to Starbucks anyway? Just carry one or two that you at least know you have SOMETHING in them and throw them away when it’s gone done.

    I dont think people have the time to write sticky notes on their cards. Besides, how much money do people usually have in them anyways? like $15 max? thats like enough for only 3 uses! If they did have large amounts it would usually be in just one card.

    Well whatever…just a thought


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