Take efficient notes, save time

You all like having spare time, right? When you’re studying for a test, that’s what it’s all about – time. Well, if you haven’t heard of the Cornell method, I think Gina Trapani wrote a great article that opened my eyes.

Geek to Live: Take study-worthy lecture notes (@ Lifehacker)

So why am I just now going to make sure I take notes in this way? For years, I’ve taken notes in classes. (How much I took is irrelevant. *grin*) For years, I earned mediocre grades when it came time for the tests.

Why? Because I couldn’t study efficiently.

Sure, you can type up almost everything the professor says. You can even record the whole lecture. But when it comes time to study, will all that content help you?

I can remembering buying my Griffin iTalk and Griffin Lapel Mic so I could record all the classes. When I used them, they got the job done. (After a late night, or I was really groggy in class.) When it came time for the final, I never listened to them again – there was too much! Recording a lecture isn’t a substitute for taking good notes.

The last thing I want now that I [should be] back at Cal Poly is to finish and regret not having done better. I think adopting a better system of taking notes is worth the learning curve. This post is for myself, but I know lots of you might be heading in this direction. I just want to help you figure it out quicker than me, whatever it is.

What’s worse? The pain of change, or the pain of regret? Take efficient notes now, or feel the burn of finals week when you’re scrambling for all that study material.

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