Air mattress suggestions

I’m posting this here because I think I’d get more exposure here rather than at Bryan Off Topic. So sue me. 🙂

I sleep on a lame futon with a lame mattress that I bought at lame K-Mart. How can I get things done properly if I’m not sleeping comfortably?

So, can you please give me suggestions on a good sturdy air mattress? I’d need to use it on a daily basis. (No, I can’t get a regular bed – no room for it. One bedroom apartment.) I don’t mind going to a B&M store or ordering online and waiting a few days. I think the warranty is super important, especially if the thing turns out to be a piece of junk.


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4 thoughts on “Air mattress suggestions”

  1. Not so sure about air mattresses as they tend to leak stuff out, but if you can reach an IKEA you can always get a Beddinge futon that you can operate with two fingers. The mattress is firm enough to carry you but very, very light. Futon frame is 100$, mattress as low as 130.


  2. I have an areo-bed and I love it! it inflates like in 20 sec and u can adjust the firmness. Mine came with an easy storage bag too!…I guess u can check it out. =)


  3. @O.F. Jay: I got an AeroBed. Since Irwin ( posted a discounted price today, plus a 12% off deal for new customers, I just got one.

    @Cassandra: How long have you had it for?

    I hope it’ll last me for at least 6 months! 😉


  4. IM sniffin this one out. My mom has one, and I think it is an aerobed, and it is awesome. we should change the BIo on our myspace. to Music Made by Us.


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