OXO LiquiSeal Click and Seal Travel Mug

Yesterday, I bought an OXO LiquiSealNew Blue Click and Seal 14-oz. Travel Mug. This morning, I went to Starbucks because I wanted to try it out.

  • I love the click and seal. Outside, I inverted the mug, and it didn’t spill a drop.
  • The rubber grip is great.
  • If you’re familiar with the standard Starbucks cup lid, it sometimes splashes out the breather hole. That wasn’t the case with this mug.
  • I didn’t keep my drink for more than an hour, but the temperature was good the whole time.

I recommend it. 🙂

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Bryan Villarin

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19 thoughts on “OXO LiquiSeal Click and Seal Travel Mug”

  1. Nice cup and I’ve used it regularly for the past few months. Now, just tell me how to clean the lid. Has anyone else had some funk come out of the sipper? Yuck.


  2. @Dan: Yeah, I know what you mean. Maybe there should be a “Don’t use this with any liquid that could possibly funkify afterwards” warning.


  3. I like the mug and the feature that it seals very good.
    what I do not like is after washing the lid you can still hear liquid in the cover that will not come out.


  4. @Dan: I realized shortly afterwards how to (sort of) clean out the lid. Seal it, then pour the soapy warm water into the lid until it’s full.

    Then shake it…shake it…shake it, shake it. (Ohh oh!)

    (Sorry, that was tacky.)

    @Ray: From my experience with it, just push the button and shake it all out.


  5. If you peel the rubber top off the Button, you will find a phillips screw. I haven’t tried it yet but this might allow for disassembly. I love my mug but the coffee funk (cream and sugar) is bringin me down.


  6. Hi-
    It was so funky I was going to toss it – so I figured I would try to take it apart. With the button pressed down I was to twist/pull the bottom (stopper thing) out. Under the button there was a spring, 2 plastic pieces and a small white rubber washer. It was funky – but I was able to wash it and get it back together and it is working. I am going to take it apart again tonight and soak all the parts it in vinegar – we’ll see if I can put it back together again.
    Only try if you are willing to break it or not be able to fix it.


    1. Tom: Thanks for the comment! I tried for a minute to twist and pull the bottom stopper, while pressing the button, but wasn’t able to remove it. Boo. More power to you, Tom!

      I’ll resort to soaking it for a long time, I suppose. 🙂


  7. The only problem with attempting to unscrew stopper is that it also turns the phillips screw underneath the button cover so it may never unscew. pop off button top, unscrew phillis screw, and carefully disassemble taking note of order of pieces so you can put it back together. my lid is now clean as new! caveat emptor – the button cover will not fit back on tightly once popped off. Slightly less annoying than a disgusting lid full of funk! i’m satisfied with this solution in lieu of proper design by oxo or buying a new one. Good luck!

    Thanks, Tom!


  8. hey! I just called Oxo (phone number is on the bottom of my cup or oxo.com.) They answered right away, no computer menu, and volunteered instantly that they have redesigned the lid and are sending me a new one that is designed to be easier to clean! Never a discussion of charge. Good luck to you all!


  9. we called in about the lid and all they said was swish it in hot soapy water, told them that’s not how I wash my dishes why would I accept that for this. Wasn’t until I said I was going to throw the darn nasty lid AND mug away that she said she could send a new revised lid.


  10. Thank you all for putting this up. I just called and they are sending me a new lid as well. I can’t believe how nice their customer service rep was!


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