Update with Blockbuster Total Access

So far in the comments in my experiences with Blockbuster Total Access post, 1 positive, 4 negative. I’m done taking detailed notes, so here’s a few points for your consideration:

  • I like being able to return the DVD mailers for free movies in-store.
  • Since my last update to that post, it “feels” like they’ve shipped quicker. After returning the DVD mailers, 2-3 days to get the next ones.
  • Cost of 3 DVDs-at-a-time: $17.99 + tax = about $19. For the month of January, my mom and I have gone through Seasons 2 and 3 of “24” (wrapping up last night, actually). Plus, I used the mailers to get some other movies. Let’s just say I got 24 DVDs out of this. That comes out to $1.26/rental. We’ll probably cut down once we get caught up with “24”, but I kinda like that price.

Yep. I’m not into Netflix starting to let out streaming movies. We don’t have a computer hooked to the TV, and there’s no way my mom’s going to work with that. This is the easiest solution at the moment, so as long as Blockbuster Total Access doesn’t give us trouble, we’ll probably continue with the plan.

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2 thoughts on “Update with Blockbuster Total Access”

  1. Just switched from Netflix to Blockbuster Total Access.
    Noticed they revamped their website from last years version.
    Rivals Netflix. Think site is better.
    Friend raved about Blockbuster online so I gave it a try.
    No comparison now…Blockbuster is soooo much better.
    You get more dvd’s video games and instant gratification when you exchange @ the store.
    Just wish they would offer music downloads @ site.





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