Ankle sprained

I’m not sure how my ankle got sprained, but it is. Really, I don’t know. Maybe I slept on it weird. My mom’s freaked out, too, because I don’t have health insurance at the moment. I’m stumped.

Background: I broke my right ankle in high school (1998, I think). I ended up needing surgery to set some pins to help the bone heal. Since then, I have one in there still, but that’s because the doctor said it’s fine if it stays. (I didn’t want to go into surgery again if I didn’t need to.)

So yeah, I don’t feel like going out. It’s an inconvenience using my crutches…the ones I thought I wouldn’t have to use for a long time. Grr.

Update 2/11/2007 @ 12:30pm: Since Thursday, my ankle condition has gotten worse. Dull, throbbing pain in certain positions. However, I didn’t start icing it until yesterday afternoon. (I know, terrible.) Just in case, my mom is going to take me to Olive View Medical Center (in Sylmar) because it’s the closest county hospital that hopefully isn’t as busy as the one near Cal State L.A. Plus, her friend recommended it. I think we just want to make sure it isn’t broken or fractured.

Update 2/12/2007 @ 2:25am: We were at the hospital from 2pm to 12:30am. Wow, I know, huh? There was a big LCD TV, and it was tuned to channel 5. We saw “Happy Gilmore,” “Throw Momma from the Train,” and some miscellaneous sitcoms. Had an x-ray, and found out that nothing is broken. Doctor examined my ankle and thinks there’s inflammation around the tendon or something. I have an appointment at the same hospital with a podiatrist on Friday afternoon. He also gave me a prescription of vicodine if the OTC medicine doesn’t cut it (e.g. Tylenol, Motrin). It was a long 10 hours, so I need to sleep. Thanks for the well wishes!

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One thought on “Ankle sprained”

  1. Hey! So you don’t know how you sprained your ankle? weird………
    I hope you feel better! eww I remember the screw that was gross. =P


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