Win eBay auctions with Unwired Buyer and Auction Sniper

I just won an auction for an iRiver iFP-899 on eBay (link) — and I wasn’t at my computer. The ones that aren’t set with “Buy It Now” are selling for $100+ at the moment.

My two weapons:

  1. UnWired Buyer (free)
  2. Auction Sniper (first three snipes are free, add three more snipes per referral – more details)

A few days ago, I set a maximum bid within Auction Sniper. Today, I was on the way back from school when I got a text message notifying me that in five minutes, I’d be receiving a phone call from UnWired Buyer. I wasn’t planning on bidding in realtime, because Auction Sniper would do that for me within the last five seconds of the auction.

Listening to the bids being made in real-time, I chuckled and listened in anticipation for the final seconds. At the end, the voice said something to the effect that I won with a bid of $78. I hung up and giggled with glee for about a minute.

If you’re curious, I bought this device in hopes that it’ll record class lectures much better than my iPod + iTalk. Also, I might use it to start a podcast. Have I mentioned that before?

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2 thoughts on “Win eBay auctions with Unwired Buyer and Auction Sniper”

  1. I finrst found unwired buyer I thought I would love it, but now it’s driving me nuts with constant emails about all my auctions I am bidding on, I guess there is a setting I could change, but as a buyer tool it is great, there are some other buyers tools i have found over the years I want to share with fellow ebayers.

    I love ebay, coupons and saiving money and I am what many call an addict. I used to use fatfingrs, until I found auctionegg.

    So if you want a few good sites for ebay check out fatfingrs and they have a special dollar deals section and ebay misspelled auction finder, plus they give away a free windows program that I use that finds the typo auctions.

    Here is the link to the free tool if you want to download it:

    Have fun saving money (or spending money as my husband calls it)


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