A mellow evening at No Future Cafe

We (Phantom Scream) were going to have band practice at Unchained Studios last night, but due to miscommunication, we couldn’t reserve a rehearsal room.

After a plethora of phone calls during my commute home, the majority of us (plus James Umemura) went to No Future Café in Pasadena. We had no idea who was playing there, because the website said “T.B.A.” Grr.

We were pleasantly surprised to Folk Rock and Contemporary night, consisting of Erin Wurtemberg, Mike Barnet, and Rande Vick. One cup of hazelnut coffee and one cup of hot chocolate and I was mellowed out. For those who know me, that kind of music is 180° compared to some of the music I listen to (which contains guitar riffs, crazy drum beats, and some screaming).

I tried to record each set with my iRiver iFP-899 (just for kicks), but I later found out that the Line-In Recording Volume was set too high (even at 12). Then again, we were at the front, so I’m not sure if even the lowest setting would prevent clipping.

This was my second time going to the No Future Cafe. Have I ever mentioned that I hope we get a chance to play there one of these days?

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Bryan Villarin

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