How to empty your brain on the road

I love my iRiver iFP-899. I love how I can record lectures, take ’em home, speed ’em up in Audacity, then listen to them at a later date to review.

I can take this further by using it whenever I can’t write! You don’t even know the freedom you’ll feel when you’re allowed to ramble aimlessly. (To an extent, of course.) My mind wanders while I’m driving, and I love that I can just press “Record” and voice my thoughts. When I can write, I’ll listen to my recordings and get them down on paper.

If you don’t have a digital or analog (cassette tape) recorder, try Braincast. (via The only problem I see with this is that you’re using cell phone minutes — in my opinion, that’s a mental block.

Need ideas for your mind dump? Print out the trigger list taken from “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity“.

If you don’t want to look weird while you’re talking to yourself, use a Bluetooth ear piece or one of your two earbuds. Personally, I don’t mind. Well, maybe a little.

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