Fantasy Sports questions for podcast #3?

I’m sorry for the delay with the podcasts, but don’t fret! I’m scheduled to interview Chris Coulter this Thursday at 2pm. (I’d do it sooner, but I have an essay due that morning.)

By the way, this is not the Chris Coulter that was made popular by Robert Scoble, it’s another Chris Coulter.

Two of his specialties are fantasy football and fantasy baseball. He’s not famous or anything, but within our group of friends, he wins on a regular basis. With that bit of knowledge, do any of you have any questions you’d like for me to ask? Speak, or I’ll have to resort to lame questions conjured up at the last minute…

Update 3/28/07: I’m sure you noticed that we didn’t get around to doing this yet. His schedule is pretty brutal. Fortunately, we’ll celebrate César Chávez on Friday at 10am by finally interviewing Chico about fantasy sports! (Chico is his nickname.) I guess by the lack of silence, you either: 1) don’t play fantasy football or baseball, or 2) you’re all top notch fantasy football or baseball enthusiasts. In any case, we’re doing this for kicks, so just ask a crazy question! 🙂

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One thought on “Fantasy Sports questions for podcast #3?”

  1. Our baseball draft is on tomorrow, we run it from Yahoo! Fantasy Sports. It’s pretty cool. I participate in a hockey and a baseball pool every year. This is also closely linked to what I do for a living, but that’s another story.


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