The start of a healthier Bryan

On Tuesday, I made the decision to start working out. Tonight, on the way back from a meeting, I asked Andy about the diet aspect of it. I’m going to do what he’s been doing for years.


Eat six meals a day, 2-3 of which are a protein drink/shake. Definitely one shake 30 minutes after a workout. I also need to take multi-vitamins to make up for the lack of vegetables or fruit we probably don’t eat as regularly as we should.

What kind of foods am I looking at?

  • 100% whole-wheat bread, tortillas
  • Brown rice
  • Chicken breasts, strips
  • Turkey breast (meat dept, ask for a 1 lb of their meat of the day, not smoked; Jennie-O, honey-baked)
  • Egg whites
  • Tuna in water (not oil)
  • Non-fat mayo
  • Potatoes (baked or mashed)

He said I need to get disciplined with the above first, then if I want to add vegetables, that’s fine, too.

For the protein shakes, I can also add stuff to them. Non-fat yogurt, non-fat milk, fruit. Surprisingly, the strawberry-flavored protein mix (that I bought from Andy) mixed simply with water tastes pretty good!


I’m putting myself at the will of Andy. He’s got Powerblocks, a treadmill, and an interesting abs routine (with a DVD and weight ball). I’m also joining the local 24 Hour Fitness in case I can’t work out at Andy’s.

Who’s Andy?

Andy read “Body for Life” by Bill Phillips years ago. He followed the 12-week program, and transformed himself. He’s a health enthusiast, and studied a lot about exercising. He doesn’t have a Ph.D or anything, but he’s one of the most physically healthy guys I know. Also, he’s helped his other friend, Dan, get “ripped“. I remember when Dan first started, he wasn’t that strong. Hearing Andy say that means a lot.


I don’t know the intricate details. I just know I need to change. I figured writing it here will help reinforce it, and the whole freaking internet will hold me accountable. (Boy, that doesn’t sound scary.) If any of you have been where I am, and can offer suggestions (especially on diet), please leave a comment or send an email.

Thanks for reading – and thanks in advance to Andy! (I hope you aren’t mad that I posted this. I couldn’t help it, I’m stoked about this!)

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3 thoughts on “The start of a healthier Bryan”

  1. Awesome man! I got serious about my health and working out a little over a year ago and have completely changed my body. I dropped nearly 30 pounds of fat and put on some good muscle. I’m still trying to get my abs to come out, but being a little more strict on my diet could probably help that a lot.

    My advice…take it slow to start because that’s when people get overwhelmed and why they drop out so easily. Once it becomes a routine you can add things to your workouts and it’ll be a lot easier. Keep it fun too!


  2. Wow, that sounds really intense, but so good for you. Brown rice is like a miracle food, but I’m surprised potatoes are on the list.

    I wish you all the luck! 🙂


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