Put your syllabus into your calendar

Some surprises are good. However, the ones associated with school aren’t.

I wasn’t keeping track of my syllabus, so I found out that this Thursday, I have yet another huge exam for this philosophy class, “Great Religions of the World.”

How many of you look at your syllabus on a daily basis? How about your calendar? That’s what I thought. The syllabus is reference material. You won’t look at it until you need to, or when it’s too late.

Lesson: The moment you get your syllabus, enter the important dates onto your calendar. When you’re doing your weekly review, you’ll be able to see when that next important paper or exam is coming.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to figure out how to schedule my study times before Thursday. I need an 84 to get a “C” before the final exam. (I also need to make a mind map and checklist for stuff I need to do at the beginning of a school semester or quarter, but that can wait until after the exam.)

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