Lessons learned from a studying frenzy

The past two days, I’ve been studying like crazy for the exam I took this morning. (How’d I do? I’ll be extremely happy if I got a 70. There was just so much reading!)

Yesterday, between 9am and 1am (16 hours), I studied ten hours, napped for one hour, and maybe three hours for meals. I gave myself other small breaks, checking email, going through feeds in Bloglines, etc.

Tuesday, I studied for 4 1/2 hours in the afternoon.

I gotta get this into my head: if you spread out your studying, you’ll make it so much easier on yourself (mentally and physically).

Please learn from me.

I need to say something positive about all this, because it’s not the end of the world.

  • I had probably 3-4 cups of coffee throughout the day. But, at least they were all from the comfort of home. If I bought four Caffé Mochas from Starbucks, it would’ve been almost 12 bucks! That’s a little over one bag of coffee beans!
  • I took notes from the reading using TiddlyWiki. The learning curve is small, and WikiBar helps with that. (see “How to install a TiddlyWiki plugin)
  • I recorded myself reciting the 34 vocabulary words, which needed to be memorized word for word. Then, I sped up the tempo in Audacity (which doesn’t change its pitch), added a split-second Sine chirp between terms, then listened to it while washing dishes, lying in bed, on the way to school, and right before class. If you listen to a song enough times, you’ll have it memorized; in my opinion, the same logic applies here. You could take this further, but perhaps that should be a dedicated post.

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