Review: AeroBed Premier Classic (Queen)

Up until now, I’ve had two AeroBeds. The first was purchased at a remarkable discount from SmartBargains. That one was leaking air after a few weeks, so I got a replacement from ThinkAero, which brought me to my current AeroBed Premier Classic (Queen size).

Before I get negative, the positive is that Aero Products sent me a brand new bed as a replacement. The process was painless: get an RMA number, cut out the cover valve, mail it to Aero Products so they know it’s destroyed, then they send the other one.

This second one has been perfect since 3/17/2007 until yesterday (4/29/07), which was exactly six weeks. Early yesterday morning, I woke up in sunken to the ground. It was a leak! In an attempt to be optimistic, at least it wasn’t completely deflated.

Andy thinks that 1) I’m too heavy, and 2) it can’t be used daily. So, I went to the AeroBed® Premier Classic FAQ for proof:

  • Queen: 78″L X 60″W X 9″H; supports up to 750 lbs.
  • You cannot over inflate your AeroBed Premier Classic.
  • Your AeroBed Premier Classic is meant to be used as an extra bed, but is durable enough to sleep on every night.
  • The AeroBed Premier Classic is made of heavy duty puncture resistant PVC.
  • The AeroBed Premier Classic is engineered to support several hundreds of pounds of weight.

In a last attempt to find the leak, I inflated the bed and lifted it so it was standing on its edge. There it was — the leak. It was on the underside of the bed, along the seam of one of the squares, about 3cm long. I tried one of the repair patches, but since the tear was in a recessed part of the square, it didn’t help and the air was escaping through the groove.

Supposedly, I can try sealing it with Amazing Marine Goop — without a repair patch — and it should do the trick (a suggestion from Forums).

An open letter to Aero Products International:

Please figure out the cause of the leaks. Otherwise, retract the guarantee that the AeroBed is durable enough to sleep on every night or that it’s puncture resistant. (I’m sleeping on carpet, what gives?)

My mom was almost going to buy another one for herself, whenever she goes to a friend’s house or something. Now, it doesn’t look like that’ll happen. Help me help you!

As for me, I’m not sure how I can recommend this product, especially when it’s the second AeroBed that developed a leak.

A disgruntled customer,


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11 thoughts on “Review: AeroBed Premier Classic (Queen)”

  1. Up in Las Vegas (aka, where 113 degrees is normal), I used a queen sized Colman inflatable mattress as my regular bed in my apartment…. never had a problem with it. It even has a nice suede top with built in pillows 🙂

    (isnt a bachelor’s life fun? haha)


  2. It’s items like these which are a tough choice, because they’re more likely to fall under the statement: “You get what you pay for.”

    The Amazing Goop is curing right now. By tomorrow night, we’ll see how the glue holds it together. I can’t wait!


  3. Did the Amazing Goop work? I have a small leak in a groove on my aerobed, too, and since the bed is three years old, I don’t think I have much hope of returning it.


  4. Wow I am currently having the exact same problem with a AeroBed Premier Classic (Queen). The damage that occurred with yours is the identical type of defect that happened to mine. Perhaps Aerobed needs to reconsider this particular item. I became a fan of Aerobed products after I aquired my fisrt one over eight years ago. That first bed was great and would still be giving me years of reliable resting area, unfortunately that one punctured. I ordered a second Aerobed, expecting the same type of quality, but this AeroBed Premier Classic (Queen)did not live up to the descriptive hype.


  5. I purchased My raised Luxury Queen Aerobed from Bed, Bath, and Beyond (BBB) in 9/2009. BBB was kind enough to replace the bed for me after it balloned out on one side in mid Nov 2009. Then the replacement started to get leaks from the upper-side seam. Just like with others here, it was a tiny pin hole leak at first and then after using basic scotch tap to plug it up till i can call them for a patch kit… Other pin hole sized leaks formed about an inch away from the orginal hole. So basically… once you get a seam leak, you are done.

    really think this is false advertising on the part of the company, they need to have labels on their products like cigarette companies that say, this is a temporary use product and will only be good for about 60 nights. This way people know what they are getting into.

    $300 / 60 nights = $5 a night bed!!!

    At those prices i would rather go to my local discount bed store (Sleepy’s, Leeds, or even Big Lots) and get the cheapest bed they offer. At least i know it won’t leak 😉


  6. Same problem here, aero bed queen classic, 13 months now, i have gone through 4 aerobeds, i weigh 80kg and the missus weighs 60kg.. we occasionally get it out to lay on the loungeroom floor to watch a movie (which is carpetted) each bed has lasted around 2-3 months, where it will then develop a pin hole on the underside of the bed along the seam of one of the squares, which is impossible to patch. Now the bed is out of warranty, i have 4 of these holes in the 4th bed i have recieved. Will not be buying another bed, as i dont even use this every night, just for watching a movie or tele on, and it still doesnt last.


  7. I have used Aero beds for about 7 years. Used the bed each night in a small studio and it lasted for more than a year without a leak. The current one has lasted more than 2 years and did not leak for the first year and a half. When the first bed leaked I found the patches to be a waste of time. The best way to patch the tiny pinhole leaks is to use a product called airstop vinyl repair. I have purchased this at Walmart and at Cabellas. The name of the product may be different but the active ingredient is the same. It is tetrahydrofuran. This has enabled me to keep the bed for 3 years plus.


  8. I am having the same problem but seem to not be able to find the leak. Any suggestions to help me find it. Every hour I am reinflating it. Ugh! This is my second one since February . I feel like I’m doing something wrong but I guess not


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