How to get what you want

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but how do you get what you want? Just ask! The worst someone can say is “no.” Well, they could add a terrible expletive, then verbally abuse you. Technically, it’s still “no” — an elaborate “no.”

Think about it this way: they could say “yes!”

Other than professional poker players and women, nobody can read your mind! You need to voice what you want.


I have Custom Checking with Wells Fargo. Months ago, I wanted to try their Bill Pay service. It was free for a month or something, then $6.95 after that. If I had direct deposit, then it’d be free. I thought their system would automatically figure it out, but I was naive to think that. Bryan, you’re a moron! 🙂

Today, I finally took action and called to cancel Bill Pay. Fortunately, the banker told me that if I switched to Custom Management Checking:

  • Bill Pay is free
  • the account fee is waived if either of the following are true: direct deposit is setup for over $100/month, or I have a $1000 minimum daily balance

Without hesitation, I accepted the account changes. That’s awesome!

Since I’ve had direct deposit through work for awhile, I also asked if he could credit the Bill Pay fees from the last few months. I was expecting only one month, but he said he could credit the last three months. High five! Yes!

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One thought on “How to get what you want”

  1. Good work. I’m thinking of asking my banker to waive some fees and I think your logic is spot on: if they say no then who cares? I’m no worse off than I was before-hand. 🙂


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