Essays and finals galore, oh my!

I finally finished reading my last novel for English 102: “Their Eyes Were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston. I’ll take a break to mention what’s coming up these next couple weeks.

  • I’ve got an essay due tomorrow. It needs to be about “Their Eyes Were Watching God.”
  • Friday, May 11th, at 11pm, our band (Phantom Scream) has a show at The Airliner Club in Los Angeles. That’ll be the highlight of my days ahead.
  • Next Tuesday and Thursday, I have my English and Great Religions of the World finals, respectively. English is open-book and open notes, so that’s okay. Religion is not even close to being like that. That’s why there’s that big gap this weekend. If it’s possible, I’ll be surgically attached to my textbooks and lecture notes.
  • I have another essay to fix (for English), and I’m aiming to get it done by next Thursday night. On a positive note, Prof. Eisel was really nice about it. I thought she was going to grill me!

If I can help it, I’ll never simultaneously take two critical thinking classes again.

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