Improve your blog comment conversations

You know I use Bloglines. However, I still find it a hindrance to subscribe to comments for a specific blog post using RSS.

I tried coComment a long time ago. I didn’t like it. (Is it better now?)

Teach me something. Do you subscribe to comments? What the easiest way?

I love subscribing to comments with e-mail. The WordPress plugin that accomplishes that is Subscribe to Comments by Mark Jaquith. It rocks. As a commenter, it’s the easiest thing to check the box before I submit my comment.

If you like that, Comment Email Responder allows you to respond to a comment in such a way that they know it was specifically intended for them. You click the envelope next to the commenter’s name, fill out your reply, then submit your comment. That’s really simple, too. For one of my posts here, one commenter has replied multiple times — rather than just one and done — and I’m sure it I owe it to that plugin.

I want need to make sure it’s simple for you to keep track where your conversations. Shouldn’t you do the same?

What else can you integrate into your blog to promote more conversation?

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5 thoughts on “Improve your blog comment conversations”

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  2. I have noticed a significant drop in comments lately, not just on our blogs, but on every blog that I read. I haven’t been commenting as much as I used to because I haven’t had much free time lately, but I wonder if the majority of the blogsphere has stopped commenting because of recent “innovations” in the field of social communication, like Twitter.


  3. In addition to Twitter, I try to make sure that whoever is writing knows that I appreciate their work. If it’s through email, comment forms, or Twitter messages, I make some sort of attempt. *shrug*

    How can you notice the drop if you haven’t had much free time lately? (Just kidding.)

    Are your subscriptions dormant right now?


  4. P.S. As for my subscriptions, they’re fairly active. I haven’t noticed much of a drop in posts on the blogs that I read, just a drop in comments.


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