My finals are over

How I feel after finals week

Yesterday was a blur. The past couple weeks have been a blur. I had to write two 3-5 page essays. I know that sounds short, but if you hate writing essays, it’s tough to scrounge quotes and analysis of those quotes. On top of that, I had an English final on Tuesday, then a Philosophy final yesterday morning. (The official class title is “Great Religions of the World.”)

I have regrets about the semester. I didn’t do as well as I should have. I didn’t take efficient notes like I said I wanted to, which led to a lot of cramming because I didn’t space out my tasks.

The difference between the Bryan of past semesters and the Bryan now is that I still stuck it out. After the drop and withdraw deadlines, I knew I couldn’t go back. I had a few “please see me” notes from Mrs. Eisel after a few of my essays. Some students would freak out or just drop the class. You know, the mentality of “I don’t want to deal with this!” Since I met with my professor, she was gracious enough to offer an extension so I could redo some of my essays that needed it. At my English final, I was actually sad to see her go, along with the rest of the class. How many professors can you say that about?

Cool — so, how did you do?

I won’t lie. In philosophy, I went into the final needing a 78% in order to pass the class with a 70%. There were 20 questions at 5 points each: 5 true/false, 5 vocabulary questions (that asked the definitions of 3 words), and the rest were short answer. Out of the two hours given to take the exam, I finished in one hour. Some of my answers weren’t thorough, but I left no question blank.

I was more fortunate in English, which I wrote about on Tuesday, titled “One final exam remains.”

I’m going to drive out tomorrow to drop off self-addressed stamped postcards to my professors’ offices. That way, I can get my grades before the official ones get mailed out and posted online.

I know you can’t tell from the picture above, but I’m relieved!

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