California drivers are brutal

20-30 minutes to go

Tonight, I was driving home on I-10 West from CA-57. The whole way back, essentially all drivers were extremely aggressive. I can’t remember any cars that allowed a few car lengths of buffer zone around them. If they weren’t aggressive, they were the complete opposite — driving too slow for the flow of traffic.

I was engulfed by frustration as I-605 drew near. I tried to get to the number 1 lane so I could go North. I promise my signal lights work. I was signaling for a mile trying to get over, but nobody would let me. The car behind me was tailgating, so I couldn’t slow down.

I ended up going South — the opposite direction. Argh!

I had to exit on Valley to backtrack. Immediately after the off-ramp, I saw that there was an on-ramp going North. I got back on, but I had to cut someone off speeding towards the on-ramp trying to get around the street traffic. (I think they were headed for the shoulder, but didn’t realize it.)

California drivers are idiots, and I’m ashamed that I’m one of them. No matter how hard I try to be a good, defensive driver, it seems to be in vain.

What do you think? If you’re a native Californian, and you’ve seen our traffic, how does it compare to where you reside? If you are a Californian, do you agree with my thoughts? How could we help the mentality of drivers?

Note: The photo isn’t from tonight — I just wanted to use something.

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5 thoughts on “California drivers are brutal”

  1. The times I’ve been out to California in the past few years I’ve actually thought CA drivers were pretty good compared to us in Michigan. In the fast lane on freeways here people are either driving 70 or 85 (speed limit is 70).


  2. I do completely agree with ya on this one… and ill add that it gets worse and worse the closer you get to LA (especially on the 10, guh).

    But…. the two years that i was living in Vegas , oh man. That was pretty bad. The people there are total jerks and it shows in their driving styles too. Along with the inconsiderate cab drivers, and the disgruntled locals, theres the tourists.

    Think of it like this. Take EVERY driving stereotype in America you can, and then put a handful of each one of them on ONE street, and there you go. Vegas.


  3. @Nick: I’m not sure if this is wrong, but if the flow of traffic permits those kinds of speeds, that’s another story. I’m glad my people were good to you, though. 🙂

    I think the kicker is that if you’re going to be a slower driver, stick to the furthest lane on the right as humanly possible.


  4. @Brian Gaut: When I went to Las Vegas a few months ago, it was definitely brutal. Fortunately, I was blessed by not having to drive. I don’t know how people live there!


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