What number is the sandwich?

McDonald's Drive-Thru Menu

Note: I’ve never worked at McDonald’s before, so I don’t know how their registers work. Sorry if I’m clueless.

This morning, I stopped by a McDonald’s on the way to work. I like their Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit sandwich.

The number for that breakfast combo corresponds to #3. I don’t want that because I have my own coffee with me. (I’m sure I mentioned my AeroPress before.)

Today was the first time I was ticked off from the drive-thru attendee, or whatever their title is called. I stated my order, which was just the sandwich. He asked me to clarify which number. If you’re not getting a combo, you’re not supposed to technically say a number. Right? Anyway, I insisted there wasn’t a number for the sandwich. He told me to hold on, then came back stating that I wanted a #3, but just the sandwich.


At the window, he stated again that next time, it’s a #3. I’m fuming.

Let me create a trickier example to show why this is completely stupid. What if I wanted three Sausage McMuffins with Egg, one Sausage, Egg and Cheese McGriddle, one hash brown, two coffees and an orange juice? If I ordered with his method, this is how it’d sound.

“I’ll have three #2s and one #10. But, I only want one hash brown, two coffees and an orange juice?”

They’d have to think for a few more seconds to subtract three hash browns and one drink. Isn’t that more difficult than just punching in the order word for word? Lame.

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6 thoughts on “What number is the sandwich?”

  1. I’ve never run into that before. I always thought the # order meant it was a combo at McDonald’s I’ve seen other places have a # next to a sandwich on their menu with both a price for the sandwich and a combo price, but not at Mickey D’s. Do they still have a whole separate section no the menu where they list out the sandwiches?


  2. @Nick: No, that’s how it is at McDonald’s, too. I understand that it saves space.

    But, if you say, “I’ll have a #3 by itself,” it sounds like you just want the combo – by itself.



  3. @Nick: I guess it’s the whole ordering ruckus that people get annoyed about at Starbucks, too. You know, “Tall,” “Grande” and “Venti.”


  4. I agree. I have never ordered by the number at McDonald’s and then been asked if I want the combo. It’s always been assumed. Here’s a question…

    A breakfast burrito combo (not sure on the #) comes with two burritos. If you say you want #X without the combo are you ordering one or two burritos?

    It sounds like you either had a jackass order taker or McDonald’s is trying to change up their standard. If it’s the later, they need to let customers know.


  5. Im so sorry for you but please remember that the people who work at MCD’s are pretty rertarded.

    PS the # is for combos only not the individual items aka I want A egg McMuffin or a combo #4

    the Mc Employee is a retard


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