Swat mosquito tasks when you're "gone"

Mosquito monument

I lose focus. In the late afternoon, I find myself losing attention with the tasks at hand.

What’s a person to do? Go through your list of mosquito tasks! These are ordinary tasks that don’t take much thought or effort to do.

Why? Because when I’m wired and ready to take on anything, I don’t want to spend that energy on something like shredding paper. Save those for when your focus starts to wane.

Other ideas:

  • Purge refrigerator
  • Dust
  • Purge file cabinet(s)
  • Clean keyboards*
  • Discard unused gadgets and/or cables (if you don’t wanna try to sell them)*
  • Look for clothes you don’t wear anymore – throw ’em into a box for donating later
  • Test pens and throw away the ones that don’t work
  • Sift through the folders on your hard drive and delete files that are worthless. I’m talking about the ones in My Documents.*
  • Look for items around your home that you could try to sell, donate or throw away
  • Throw away expired medicine

*I’m not at home at the time of writing this, so this is more work-related.

You should have a separate one for home and work.

Please add more mosquito tasks in the comments! (If there’s a wiki page somewhere I don’t know about, let me know.)

Inspired from 43 Folders’ “Ganging your mosquito tasks”

Photo taken by Wm Jas

Published by

Bryan Villarin

Bryan works at Automattic. He's also a cat whisperer. Sometimes…a photographer, and card magician.

2 thoughts on “Swat mosquito tasks when you're "gone"”

  1. that pic has nothing to do with your post!!!

    emptying trash bins

    “organizing” the medicine cabinet

    thats what I did today does that count?


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