Afterthoughts of Warped Tour in Pomona

Huge crowd panoramic during "Coheed and Cambria"

For me, five words sum things up for me being at Warped Tour last Friday: hot, packed, confusing, messy and insane.

Hot: Temperatures in Pomona got up to 93°F (Weather Underground). Non-existant clouds and hard-to-find shade made it feel even worse. My forehead is burned right now.

Packed and Insane: If you’ll look through my Flickr set of Warped Tour 2007 photos, I took a few panoramic photos to show the mass of people that drove out there. My eyes couldn’t rest on any empty space, except for the sky.

Confusing: One of the stages’ schedule was off compared to the board. We had to annoy the workers at the sound booth. We missed Chiodos because of this.

Messy: There was trash on the ground everywhere. I’m not sure how many trashcans you’d need to improve the situation. I feel bad for the cleanup crews.

What’s tough about festivals like these is that some of the bands you want to see overlap each other. I’m left with sacrificing seeing one band over the other. Also, since the heat drains you immensely, you never really end up staying until the very end. For these two reasons, I missed Pennywise, Bad Religion, Escape The Fate, Haste The Day, New Found Glory, [most of] Scary Kids Scaring Kids, and Yellowcard.

Overall, I had a blast!

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