[July 2007] California Driving Cell Phone Ban Only A Rumor

California drivers recently rushed to get Bluetooth and other hands-free phone equipment due to a circulating email announcing that new hands-free cell phone laws would be going into effect in the state as of today. Turns out that they have another year to worry about it; California is indeed enacting a ban on cell phone use while driving but the ban doesn’t go into effect until July 1st … of 2008. When it does happen, it’ll make California the 4th state (and 5th area, counting D.C.) to implement the ban; 35 other states are also considering it.

Source: Broadband Reports

Also related, the Snopes.com 2007 California Traffic Laws debunked.

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5 thoughts on “[July 2007] California Driving Cell Phone Ban Only A Rumor”

  1. Yes, the law does go into effect next year, but keep in mind that CHP officers have begun to pull over cell phone-using drivers to warn them about the upcoming law. So, if you don’t want to be inconvenienced or scared ****less by being pulled over by the CHP, get some sort of hands-free device now.


  2. I bought my headset right around when the assembly passed the law, even though it wasn’t going to be in effect until next year. I vastly prefer using it to using the phone itself. MUCH easier to talk on it, than use the phone. I use it when I’m not driving.

    What’s the big deal about getting one anyway? Why not?


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