Witness to road rage

This morning, I was driving my usual route to work on Normandie Ave. Before Beverly Blvd, a maniac driver in a dark green Land Rover was speeding back and forth between slower cars. At one point, he almost changed lanes into a parked car! I did nothing, except to pray for everyone else’s safety in the wake of his path.

When he got a car ahead of me, he cut off a BMW in front of me and got honked at. The Land Rover stopped at the intersection of Normandie Ave and 2nd St, while the light was still green. I had to stop right behind the BMW and watch the driver of the Land Rover got out of his SUV and proceed to yell profanities at the driver of the BMW, right at the driver’s side window. (My window was up, so I couldn’t hear what he yelled.)

He was a Caucasian with brown hair, wearing black sunglasses, in his mid-20s. It was probably 5-10 seconds of ferocity. Then, he got back into his SUV — but not before giving the finger — and sped away.

One witness was a pedestrian at the crosswalk and the rest were drivers. I couldn’t see the license plate of the Land Rover, especially because at the incident, the BMW was immediately behind him. At Normandie Ave and 3rd St, he went into the small shopping plaza to turn right, instead of waiting at the red light.

I wished I had a telephoto lens on my camera. Maybe I could’ve gotten out of my car while he was stopped to take a picture. I know I could’ve taken a picture while he was yelling at the guy, but I just couldn’t believe what was happening.

I dialed “911” and almost pressed “Send,” but I couldn’t do it. I didn’t have enough information. I’m not sure if the BMW got his license plate, or even called the police. I wonder if anybody did.

What do you do?

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Bryan Villarin

Bryan works at Automattic. He's also a cat whisperer. Sometimes…a photographer, and card magician.

5 thoughts on “Witness to road rage”

  1. My $0.02.

    I would call the police at this point because there is some chance the driver of the BMW has called and needs witnesses.

    You’d be amazed at how easy it is for the police to track someone down. They don’t always need a plate number in order to do so.

    Action is what unites people in times full of hate, ignorance only lets someone get away with their actions and move on to the next outburst which could cause someone serious harm.


  2. @Michelle: Thanks for the tip! I just called the police, and they said nobody reported it. Not sure what else to do, because the police operator didn’t ask me for a description.

    Stinks. Next time, I suppose I’ll just call right away, without or without license plate number, right? Right.


  3. Police operators typically wave off this type of thing. I wouldn’t worry about it then. The person in the BMW was probably shaken and went home/work/wherever and took a deep breathe, called a friend and moved on.

    I have my reasons for saying to call. But right. One of these days that person is likely to get out of control with the wrong person.


  4. One of these days that person is likely to get out of control with the wrong person.

    That’s what I’m afraid of. I don’t want to be the one to say, “I should’ve…”, that’s all.


  5. You cannot blame yourself for someone else’s choice. Given the choice, this person will probably do this again and again. With or without a warning from the police.

    That and a reckless driving charge is about all that would result.

    You’ve called the police. That was the right thing to do. Now let go.


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