My cousin loves GTD

My cousin, Leslie, graduated from UC Davis last December and is now trying to get into medical school. (One of the most driven people I’ve ever known.) My graduation gift to her was a copy of “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.”

Yesterday, seven months later, I saw her and her family and we had lunch. Out of nowhere, she says, “Bryan, I love Getting Things Done!” She took out her paper-based calendar and showed me how less cluttered it was. (See “Hard and Soft Landscapes: Calendar vs. Reminders“) She also says she’s going to read it again for things she might’ve missed the first time around.

My uncle notices that I’m fairly laid back, probably because I keep things together. My mom jokingly suggested that I have stock in the company because I’ve bought it for so many people. I’ve bought it for a few high school graduate friends, a coworker, my other cousin in Glendale. Out of all of them, Leslie was the only one to say that she liked it.

This is fascinating hearing this after what Brett Kelly and Ricky Spears wrote a couple weeks ago. Now, I’d probably email someone a few links about the GTD methodology and suggest that they buy the book.

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