My band's EP is finished

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We’re finished with our first EP! We just have to title it and make CDs to get it out to the world. It came out really good and we’re all proud of it.

Bill got the mastered copy, cut up the songs, faded them in and out, then saved it as a short sample. You can hear it at our Myspace page.

On a quasi-side note, we got Michael Tadman (deviantART) to do artwork for us. His work is tight!

Now, off to my day job…happy Friday! 🙂

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Bryan Villarin

Bryan works at Automattic. He's also a cat whisperer. Sometimes…a photographer, and card magician.

2 thoughts on “My band's EP is finished”

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  2. imagine your self floating face up above the clouds, not looking down on your life but listening to it. would you hear the strums of your guitar and the words of your blog or would you feel a buzz from the thousand voices trapped in your head?


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