Awesome Photowalk at Santa Monica

Santa Monica Photowalk

Santa Monica Photowalk

I had a blast at my first Photowalk! Thanks to Thomas Hawk for posting about it and Trevor Carpenter for organizing the event. On top of that, I brought James Corsini with me – and he doesn’t even own a camera! (He borrowed a Casio P&S camera, so that worked out fine.) He was stoked that he came along. We had a great time hanging out with a lot of awesome and enthusiastic photographers.

  • You don’t need a DSLR camera – a P&S will work fine. If you can take photos, you’re good to go.
  • If you’re taking photos at night, bring a tripod. I was struggling to get steady photos.
  • Don’t be scared! It seemed like most of the guys in the group didn’t even know each other until that evening.

See my photos from the Photowalk at Flickr

P.S. I first heard about the Photowalk through Thomas Hawk at Twitter.

Update: Here’s some links to the other photographers that were there. Thomas Hawk linked to them already, but I’ll do the same for kicks.

Other ways to see the photos: the “photowalking080407” tag at Zooomr and Flickr.

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7 thoughts on “Awesome Photowalk at Santa Monica”

  1. 2-3 hour trek? Hopefully there won’t be traffic, but either way, that would be awesome! I hope it’s on a Saturday, too.

    You were all really cool. I mean it! 🙂

    Have a good time in Oregon!


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