Origin of my current photography style

These past few days since the Santa Monica photowalk, I’ve been carrying my Canon PowerShot SD600 6MP Digital Elph Camera with me more often. In my pocket.

Yesterday, I was taking random photos of anything and everything. Why?

My co-worker and friend, who we call “Roug,” influenced me because he said:

What one person thinks is just another random picture, another person could think it’s art. (Paraphrased)

He digs this random photo I took:

Close-up of my keyboard at work

What’s your photography style? Why? (Send me a pingback or trackback, or leave a link to your input on this.)

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Bryan Villarin

Bryan works at Automattic. He's also a cat whisperer. Sometimes…a photographer, and card magician.

4 thoughts on “Origin of my current photography style”

  1. I am torn by this question. On the one hand, I really like the whole shoot from the hip style of photography. But I also believe that art (at least “great” art) is a deliberate expression trying to convey a thought or feeling to a potential future audience. Kind of hard to get those two theories to jive, but I’ve been enjoying your photography.


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