Sunset at Dockweiler State Beach


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Last Wednesday, I picked up my good friend, Pete, at LAX. Before that, Jean asked to go with me because she wanted to surprise him. She went to work with me all day, especially since she’s not doing anything until PCC starts.

The problem: he was arriving at 8:30pm, and I get off work at 5:30pm. So, we had some time to kill.

My initial solution: Take Jean to The Grove to hang out and take photos before going to LAX.

My co-worker, “Roug,” had a different suggestion: go to the beach by LAX where the airplanes fly overhead. Sweet! I looked it up with Google Maps and found the place – Dockweiler State Beach. It was cool because parking on the street was free, and there was essentially nobody there.

Jean and I took photos for over an hour, waiting for the sunset and enjoying the cool weather. We had a great time!

View my Flickr photoset at Dockweiler State Beach

View Jean’s Flickr photoset – bug her to make the dedicated photoset

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