Review: BizMile Tracker

Would you drink water with a spoon or straw?

There. If that doesn’t catch your attention, I don’t know what will.

About three months ago, I started tracking my business mileage for tax deductions in April 2008. But, I couldn’t go all the way back to January. Boo.

Today, I got an email from someone at iiMap, the creator of BizMile Tracker, wanting me to review their product.

*** An hour after inputting my data from January until today…

Whoa, that was incredibly simple! I didn’t need my odometer readings for each entry – just my appointment book and the address(es) of where I drove to. (If you input the odometer reading at beginning and end of the year, it’ll display what percent of your mileage goes toward business, charity, and medical.)

Plus, I can visibly see how much money I can deduct for business mileage: currently, over $800 is deductible! (There’s still four more months left in the year.) For $29/year, that’s a minuscule fee for something that’s worth so much.

Oh yeah, it’s worth mentioning again: I just needed my appointment book and the address(es) of where I drove to. Even though I started keeping track of mileage in April 2007, I was able to go back to January because of my appointment book. Awesome!

This isn’t the comprehensive solution for business expenses. But, for a service that’s makes something complicated incredibly simple, isn’t that worth it?

I can’t think of any of my friends that track their mileage. Some of them do volunteer work and they drive lots of miles. Some of them are starting their own business like I am. They might not think it’s worth it, but I can’t help but say this: it adds up.

Use BizMile Tracker!

Disclosure: I was given 2007 mileage tracking for this review. I hope they don’t make me pay it after I publish this! 🙂

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