Latest lovin of mobile services

These last few weeks, I’ve started using a few services for making communications – and life – easier with friends and family.

CallWave Mobile Basic (Free)

With VtxtSM, read your voicemail or listen to messages in your email, on your mobile phone or your PhonePage. […] Reply to any mobile message with voice or text – via your mobile phone, email, widget or PhonePage. […] Search, save, sort and delete your voicemail in a permanent, web-based archive.

Available nationwide on any phone, any network — and it’s yours free during beta.

The VtxtSM feature from CallWave transcribes the voicemail messages and sends you the gist of it. It’s not 100% accurate, of course, but it gets the job done. Plus, it’s cool not having to waste minutes listening to voicemail on your phone.


Text one or more people with your voice, then Jott will transcribe the message and send it out. The transcription accuracy is okay, but being able to send text messages to multiple people (who happen to be on different carriers) is awesome. I’m definitely using this for groups. (See “Why Jott Mobile Messaging” for more ideas and possibilities.)

The main draw for me is that you can leave notes to yourself when you can’t write. They have a lot of other features and suggestions for use, so head over to Jott to check it out.

They’re currently in Beta, so voice transcription isn’t perfect.


Pinger is text messaging for your voice. Message one or many instantly!

They don’t transcribe your voicemail. Instead, you leave a message for your chosen contacts or group, then it’ll send a text message to them notifying of a voicemail message to listen to. While reading the text message, you can basically* press SEND twice and listen to the voicemail immediately.

I don’t see a catch, so that’s pretty nifty.

Dial Dir-ect-ions (Beta – 9 Major Metro Areas)

Dial Directions is a free, new, first of its kind voice-activated service that provides driving directions to all cell phone users. With one quick phone call from your cellphone, you can ask for directions to wherever you want to go – any address, intersection, nearest business chain or a posted event. Driving directions are instantly sent to your cell phone by text message.

Dial Directions works from any cell phone, on all carriers and handsets. Best of all, it’s FREE!

The voice recognition is rough, but it could be my fault.

Since it’s available here in the Los Angeles Metro Area, I’m writing about it. Find out if you’re in one of the nine metros supported.


I use these services because I don’t have web access for my cell phone. If you’re in the same boat, you should definitely check these out! (I’m not affiliated with any of these companies.)

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