Olvera Street Photowalk Recap

Say Cheese - James, Bryan and Trevor

Photo by Brian Auer

I had an awesome time last Sunday! I got there on time, I had my ghetto business cards on hand, and I felt more comfortable with the people there.

My thoughts after this one?

  • It helps to have an outgoing personality. Me? I drank a Monster on the way to the photowalk. Done.
  • The more photographers present, the less anxious you feel about law enforcement. All I could do was chuckle when I saw someone with a badge. (Having read The Photographer’s Right page helped, too.)
  • Next time, name tags. I hate having to ask, “What’s your name again?”
  • Scout for nearby restaurants for the end of the photowalk. Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, whatever. Print ’em out, bring the paper with you.


Photowalkers at dinner

Photo by Trevor Carpenter, with permission

The photo doesn’t represent everyone that attended – it was just a nice group photo with most of the participants.

Others include Ron and Norman, who we lost transitioning from Olvera Street to Union Station. (Or, maybe they ditched us. Say it ain’t so!) I wish they had their photos up on some sort of photo sharing website.

Other recaps

You can see all the photos from this photowalk at Flickr and Zooomr – as long as they’re tagged appropriately.

Update 2007-12-07: Added Brian Auer’s recap.

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