December Challenge: Days 2 thru 5

December Challenge, Day 2

Day 2 – This is Bill Ritter, our guitarist for Phantom Scream. We just finished band practice and started talking about our next few months (i.e. future shows, next CD, making our current CD downloadable). I was desperate, so I took a few shots of him. I didn’t even ask, so I hope he doesn’t kill me. (See more photos of Bill)

December Challenge, Day 3

Day 3 – Jackie (from Public Counsel) brought her daughter, Sarah, to work. I’m glad I went to the kitchen that day, or else I wouldn’t have another playful shot like this.

December Challenge, Day 4

Day 4 – This is Brenda Clark, Pete’s mom. I was at Andy’s house, watching “Band of Brothers,” and she stopped by to bring something. I took photos of Esther, but Brenda’s turned out immensely better. (Esther wouldn’t even look at the camera!)

December Challenge, Day 5

Day 5 – This is Paul Freese, the Director of Litigation & Advocacy at Public Counsel.

The domain controller network wasn’t connecting to his computer. It turns out that there was loose wiring in his network jack, so I pushed the one wire back in place with the thinnest flathead screwdriver I could find.

On my way out of his office, I quickly asked him if I could take his portrait “for class.” (It’s the quickest and easiest explanation I give people.)

Since I didn’t have much room to move around, I took about eight of these from essentially the same angle. Then, I thanked him and left his office in fear of annoying him. 🙂

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