Hollywood Photowalk Recap

Hollywood & Highland

This was fun because I felt more comfortable with the others than ever before. It helped that I printed ID badges, stuck one on myself, then gave out the rest. I felt wacky. It was my birthday and I’ve been stoked about this ever since it was posted.

Kodak Theatre

It was rough because it was dark earlier than we’d like. However, I think Thomas planned this because he wanted neon photos.

At one point, Trevor had a short talk with me. “It’s time to upgrade to a DSLR camera.” It’s not like I don’t want one! Money is in shortage, that’s all.

The photowalkers were going to Pig’n Whistle around 6:30pm, but I had to take off with James, Jean and Pete because we had my birthday dinner scheduled from 7:30pm back in Pasadena.

I felt bad because I wanted to stick around, but I had to ditch them. šŸ˜¦

Here’s my Hollywood Photowalk photoset.


Leave me a comment if I missed any participants or if you can help me add information. You can see all the photos from this photowalk at Flickr and Zooomr – as long as they’re tagged appropriately.

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