Selling photos at Imagekind

After a lot of advice from Brian Auer, I’m using Imagekind to sell fine art prints! (You know, the best of my photos.)

*** Warning: technical jargon after this point ***

Earlier in the week, I was reading a lot about aspect ratios pertaining to my cameras and print sizes. I learned that my current digital SLR camera shot in 3:2 and my previous point-and-shoot (P&S) cameras shot in 4:3. That means my P&S photos can at least be printed in 4×5.33, 5×6.66, and 8×10.66 – without cropping. My SLR photos can at least be printed in 4×6, 5×7.5, and 8×12 – without cropping.

Unfortunately, common print sizes here in the U.S. are 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, and 11×14.

Printing through Flickr in which allows me to pickup prints from Target restricts me to the “standard” (common) print sizes I just listed. Non-standard print sizes means I’ll have to wait for prints in the mail.

I don’t want someone else to crop a photo that can’t be cropped any further. The inexpensive services do that because most of their photos aren’t art – they’re usually snapshots and stuff.

Brian put it best in his email to me:

“For the aspect ratios, [Imagekind will] usually print to the longest edge of the photo. So, if you order an 8×10, you’ll get something that’s 10” on the long edge OR 8″ on the short edge, whichever hits first. Think of the print size they specify as a bounding box for your photo rather than an actual aspect ratio.”

*** End technical jargon ***

Before: I would order prints through Flickr and pick them up at my nearest Target. However, in order to get prints at Target, I’d have to order them at the standard sizes. (Little did I know that would introduce cropping, which I didn’t want.) If it’s a non-standard size, I’d have to wait for the print in the mail.

Then, I deliver the print to the customer or mail it to them.

Now: With Imagekind, they’re managing orders, printing, and mailing for me. Granted, they’ll be more expensive, but it’s easier for the customers who wants a print because they don’t have to email me with the Flickr photo URL.

Lastly, if someone asks for a smaller print (not through Imagekind) that requires cropping, I’m just going to give them the proper sizes that don’t.

Ultimately, I’m outsourcing the administrative tasks so I can focus on the art.

If you have any further thoughts or elaborations, I’d love to hear them. Please leave a comment or contact me!

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