Another LA photowalk – with Jean

To...Union Station

Roxie Theater [B&W] Los Angeles Theatre Angels Flight State Theater :O

Last Saturday, Jean had an urge for food from Grand Central Market in L.A. Plus, I wanted to return to Broadway and Hollywood Boulevard to take more photos. So, we went for the afternoon.

I drove us to Public Counsel (where I work) for free parking. Then, we bought a Metro Day-Pass for five bucks and took the Red Line to Pershing Square, which is right next to Grand Central Market.

While at lunch, we spotted a large group of photographers who were also about to disperse for lunch. I went up to one of them and it turns out that they were from Santa Monica College. It was an organized class trip. I would’ve given them a ghetto business card, but I was too chicken and lazy to dig it out.

After lunch, we walked down the Broadway Corridor (below 5th Street). After taking photos of the historic theaters there, we took the subway to Hollywood/Highland and finished by shooting a bit of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and El Capitan Theatre. (We would’ve stopped at Hollywood/Vine for the Pantages Theatre, but there wasn’t enough time.)

Thanks to Jean for hanging out with me. It helps when somebody is with you, watching your back and making sure you don’t get run over by a car.

Here are the photos that Jean took and her short blog post – some of my photos are here, but I still have a lot to go through.

Lastly, look through the Suggested Adventures page at ExperienceLA. It helped immensely with the planning.

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