Review: French Press coffee – not good times

Gimme coffee (35/366)

To save money, Karla is finally going to put her French Press to use (which has been unused in her office for almost a year now). We went upstairs to the kitchen to try it out with Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee.

After four minutes, it was done. In short, it was too bitter and acidic for my tastes. I had to add more sugar than I wanted and needed milk to give it a smoother taste. Cleanup was tougher, too.

I’m glad I can say I’ve finally tried coffee from a French Press – and I don’t think I will again. Buy an AeroPress, and especially get one for someone who owns a French Press. It takes about a minute to make it and you won’t have to drink the coffee immediately.

Fun fact: A 1 lb. bag of Dunkin Donuts Original Blend coffee is $7.99 USD. You can make 30 shots of coffee with the AeroPress, which is about 27 cents/cup!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy the coffee or AeroPress online. They’re available in retail stores, too. I’ve seen Dunkin Donuts coffee at CVS and Target, and you can see the USA retailers for the AeroPress and replacement filters.

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2 thoughts on “Review: French Press coffee – not good times”

  1. I actually prefer coffee from a french press myself, but seeing that I also worked for ‘bucks back in the day, that might be why. Was the coffee ground for the french press? If it’s too finely gound, it would definitely impact the taste.


  2. @Chris:

    I’m not sure what counts for normal, because they’re just out of the bag from Starbucks. Trevor commented at Flickr saying she might’ve pressed too fast, so I passed that onto her.


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