Photowalked TWICE at Balboa Island

Balboa Pavilion (47/366)

Last Saturday and Sunday, I went to Balboa Island in Newport Beach to photowalk with Arnold (and Jason Stone on Sunday). Why did we go twice?

On Saturday, Arnold and I missed the sunset because we lingered too long at Red Robin for lunch. But, we had a nice time down there because we met some nice folks.

John was sitting on a bench outside his store, sipping a glass of wine. We were taking photos in front of Balboa Candy when he struck up a conversation with us.


Alan was relaxing on the docks with his dog, Fritz. He talked about the barge moving sand three times a day, costing $10,000 each time. (Wow.) His daughter was off to college in Midwest. And his 4-year-old son going fishing with him.

When I got home that night, I removed my Canon 50mm f/1.8 II lens only to find that there was a fingerprint on the rear lens. I quickly text Arnold and he suggests that we go out there again! (Oh yeah, I just bought that lens off Arnold. He wants to save up and buy the faster and more expensive Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM lens.)

On Sunday, I slept in so late because I was looking at Arnold’s photos from the Philippines the night before. After band practice, I rushed to pickup Arnold (why?) then quickly headed for Balboa Island again. On the way, I called Jason Stone in case he wasn’t busy. Unfortunately Fortunately, he wasn’t so he met us there. Very cool.

I think we got there right as the sun started dipping down, so I’m stoked about that.

Sunset at Newport Bay (48/366)

After Balboa Island, we decided to go to a Korean BBQ restaurant for dinner in Irvine. And finally, our last stop was the Irvine Spectrum.

Elaborate water fountain

How was your Saturday and Sunday? 🙂

(Wanna see Saturday’s photos and Sunday’s photos?)

Edit 2/22/08 9:31pm — Oops, my bad, Jason! I meant “fortunately”…really!

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