Come back soon

Come back soon

On Wednesday, I was lingering at the end of the day, taking self-portraits because I didn’t have Legos for Flickr Group Roulette. Then, the front lens (right) popped into my lap.

My jaw dropped. My lips quivered. I fought the tears.

Yesterday afternoon, I shipped it to the Canon Factory Service Center in Irvine. I bought it from Arnold only four months old.

I miss it already. I know it’s under warranty, but I hope they just send me a new one at no cost.

Update 3/7/08 6pm — Shipped via USPS Priority Mail, my lens got to Irvine already. And…

We have received your equipment for evaluation and repair. Based on our initial examination, we will start the necessary repairs at no charge to you. You can expect the repair to be completed and returned back to you within approximately 7 business days* from [today]. There is no need to respond to this notice.

Please note that in the unlikely event that any additional internal damage is found due to liquid/water, sand, corrosion, battery leakage or impact (such as dropping the unit), a revised estimate will be sent for your authorization, since these conditions are specifically excluded from warranty coverage.

*Actual times may vary. Seasonal volume or repairs requiring special parts may add more time.


Update 3/12/08 2pm — My lens is on its way back to me! I’ll get it either today or tomorrow, depending if my mom’s at home to sign it. 🙂

Update 3/14/08 8pmAfter a longer-than-necessary wait, my precious has been repaired to factory specs and returned to me. Yay!

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