La Jolla photowalk recap

Flash slideshow was here. 😦

It’s been over a month and a half since the La Jolla photowalk (February 9th, 2008). But, I’m getting used to Lightroom and processing photos much quicker. So, I revisited the photos because I knew there had to be more gems. At least, I hoped there would be.

What can I remember worthwhile from that long ago?

  • Make sure your sensor is clean. Since it was early in the afternoon, I had to shoot at higher apertures. So, any dust will be more noticeable. Otherwise, prepare for some post-processing healing. (Lightroom can make removing these spots on multiple shots easy, but that’s for another post.)
  • If food isn’t planned, eat beforehand. I missed lunch and was struggling until dinnertime.
  • Know the weather. I wore long sleeves, but I shouldn’t have.
  • Use sunscreen. I was slightly cooked. Luckily I’m dark-skinned, but I don’t want to get skin cancer later in life.
  • Arrive 15-30 minutes early in case parking stinks.

You can see my La Jolla photoset here, or all the La Jolla photowalk photos at Flickr tagged “photowalking020908.”

Note: View this post outside of your news reader to see the slideshow at the beginning of the post.

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