steals content is using my photo of The Party Button for one of their blog posts.

Problem? I’m upset because they didn’t ask permission and they’re serving tons of ads. So, they’re making money from other people’s content.

I’m not linking to them because I don’t want to drive traffic there. But, if you’re using Firefox and Adblock Plus, it’s okay — you shouldn’t see any of the ads. At the time of this post, I’m currently displayed on page four.

The following is my email exchange with them, trying to get them to remove the photo.

My initial email — 12:51 AM on 3/27/08:

Please remove this post:

I did not give you permission to use it.

Thanks. — 7:38 AM on 3/27/08:


We have linked it to your Flickr page. It is cool and would love if it was
on our site. We can link to your homepage if you want.

If you still want we will delete the post.


Me — 9:15 AM on 3/27/08:

I’m flattered you think it’s cool and you want it on your site.

I know you’re linking to my Flickr page, however you need to check the copyright before you use someone’s content, *especially since you’re serving a lot of ads on your site*.

If you asked permission first and offered a kickback, it’d be a different story.

I am happy that you’re willing to comply, though, so please delete the post.


It’s now been almost a day without another reply and the post is still there.

Now what?

Update 6:03 AM PDT


The post has been deleted.


Unfortunately, none of my points were addressed. Clueless.

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Bryan Villarin

Bryan works at Automattic. He's also a cat whisperer. Sometimes…a photographer, and card magician.

8 thoughts on “ steals content”

  1. Ouch, I hate it when people do this. Legally, they should have asked you in the first place as your photo isn’t Creative Commons or another free license.

    By the way, I count 8 ads.


  2. Speaking of my party button, Im going to do an official post about how I made it and what it does… i just need to borrow somebody’s video camera to record the ‘party’, haha…. so my question is… may *I* have permission to use the image? 🙂


  3. One of our readers came across the party button. We found it interesting and published on our site with a link to your Flickr page.
    The post has been deleted now.


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