WordPress 2.5 is slick

WordPress 2.5 here works just fine. It took a little over 8 minutes, but most of it was backing up the database and site files. I’m still using the The Instant Upgrade plugin by Zirona.

You can try the WordPress Automatic Upgrade pluginI’d actually suggest that one over the Zirona plugin because it’s in the plugin directory.

I like the improved dashboard, but I still can’t entirely remove the WordPress Development Blog and WordPress Planet feeds. Sure, I can edit the URLs and load them with another, but I usually stick to my news reader for news updates. Fortunately, with the Fluency Admin theme plugin, those are below the fold. Edit: Dashboard Widget Manager solves this. Yay!

I’m glad the stats widgets is built into the main dashboard page.

I’ve switched back to the visual editor because Matt says it won’t mess with my code anymore. I find that in full screen mode, the insert link pop-up doesn’t display. Update: I’ve found out that this is only an issue with the Fluency Admin theme plugin. So, that’s off. I like blue anyway.

I’m stoked about the few-click plugin upgrades. WordPress.com Stats had to be upgraded and it really took a few clicks. But, plugins need to be in the WordPress Plugin Directory for it to be detected.

Lastly, timestamp publishing is easier to understand.

You can see more details of WordPress 2.5 at the WordPress Development Blog.

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Bryan Villarin

Bryan works at Automattic. He's also a cat whisperer. Sometimes…a photographer, and card magician.

2 thoughts on “WordPress 2.5 is slick”

  1. It wont mess with code?

    Whenever i would post a video (a flash video like youtube or metacafe), it would always mangle my code unless i posted it in a weird obscure way.

    Is that what you are talking about? Cause if that issue is fixed, im sold 🙂


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