WOM World OTA Meetup in Los Angeles

Nokia WOM World Meetup, Long Beach

Amir demonstrating the Nokia N95 – view at Flickr

On Tuesday, April 29th, 2008, I went to The Sky Room in Long Beach for a WOM WorldOpen to Anything” meetup and demonstration of the Nokia N95 NAM.

I was extremely impressed at the quality of the photos produced by the device — 5 megapixels sure helps. Ms. Jen took a photo of us and uploaded it to her blog fairly quickly. That’s really awesome considering the dim lighting.

It was also nifty in streaming video directly to Qik and Flixwagon. Amir was streaming video of us and the lag was a little under two minutes, but still very cool.

Afterward, some of us drove to Alex’s Bar for drinks and karaoke. We Rickrolled Colin, Robbie and Donna. Hilarious.

I loved this meetup because it was about twenty of us hanging out, having a good time, then talking a little about technology. There was an agenda, but it wasn’t shoved into our faces — awesome.

Thanks again to:


I took lots of photos at this event, in addition to Amir, Al, Jason Stone, and Ms. Jen.

If you blogged or took photos from this event — and I didn’t include you — please leave a comment and I’ll update this post. Give me a card or something next time. 😉

Update 5/3/08 12:10pm PDT: Here’s more photos from womworldnokia (Flickr) and Richardg Womworld on Facebook (part 1 and 2). Thanks Colin!

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