Santa Monica Pier Flickrmeet this Saturday

Santa Monica Ferris Wheel, taken by my hovercraft is full of eels on Flickr

Since the Santa Monica Ferris wheel was sold, we’re gonna photograph it before it gets disassembled on Monday, May 5th, 2008. Don’t worry, it’ll be replaced in a few weeks.

The group is going to meet at the entrance to the Santa Monica Pier at 4pm on Saturday, May 3rd, 2008. Bring a tripod because the plan is to stay there until 8pm. After that, dinner and see “Iron Man” at the Third Street Promenade. (Read the full discussion at the Los Angeles Flickr Group and comment if you’re going to go. Share your cell phone number with “megzzzzz” so you’ll have a frame of reference.)

I’ll be late to this because I’m photographing an event in Panorama City from 4-5:30pm 4:30-6pm. Hopefully traffic will be smooth from there.

Here’s a parking tip by “Mormegil” (Jose Gil):

I typically park at the Santa Monica place mall. Depending on the time, it’s either free or around $5. When it’s free, there may be a 3 hour time limit, but there isn’t a ticket/gate system or anything.

Last tip for your gear — bring a few large (one gallon) Ziploc bags, depending on how many cameras and lenses you bring. It’ll help prevent condensation when we finish taking photos outside. (Why?)

(cc) Photo credit: Santa Monica Ferris Wheel

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