The Canon EOS 40D LCD screen is tough!

I was thinking of buying an LCD screen protector for my new Canon EOS 40D, but after some research, it’s not necessary.

The LCD for the 40D isn’t responsive to touch like a PDA or iPhone — it’s already protected. Also, it’s a waste of money to buy those other protectors. You’ll sacrifice some screen visibility, and the replacement parts cost about $20 anyway.

CB3-3763-000 – TFT Display Window
CB3-3764-000 – Double Sided Tape

Canon Parts Center: (732) 521-7230

Contact Canon

Sources:, Canon EOS 40D Users Flickr group

Update 2010-08-20: Someone left an anonymous comment letting me know that number doesn’t go to Canon anymore. Instead, go to their contact page.

Update 2011-10-11: Apparently, the number in my original post was almost correct. I’ve updated it to the working number. Thanks for the email, Bill!

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One thought on “The Canon EOS 40D LCD screen is tough!”

  1. I wholeheartedly disagree with your opinion. I just got back from a hike. My lcd has a nasty abraded spot on it. I don’t know how it happened. I didn’t see anything in my case that would do that, but something was sharp enough to cause this damage. I am wishing I had a protector on my lcd.


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